Convert PDF to JPG

How to convert a pdf to jpg

pdf to jpgConverting an Adobe Acrobat PDF file to a jpg image, or extacting a section of the PDF document and saving it as a JPG is very simple, athough the Adobe has hidden the snapshot tool in the latest versions of Acrobat.

You can either convert the entire page to a jpg very easily or take a snapshot of an area on the page, say a chart or picture. The best tools for this job are right inside of the Acrobat reader - you do not need the professional version to make a screenshot/JPEG image.

How To Do It:

  1. Use the "snapshot tool", you can activate it by clicking on the icon:Snapshot tool icon If you do not see the snapshot tool icon, you will need to add it to your Acrobat toolbar. To do this, right click on the toolbar and a menu will drop down as shown below (click the info button to see more.)
  2. pdf snapshot tool

    Once you have right-clicked on the toolbar, a dialog box will open with a collection of menu items that you can select to add them to your toolbar at the top of the page. Check the box next to the snapshot tool which appears almost at the very bottom of the list.
    pdf to jpg tools

  3. Click on the "snapshot tool" icon Snapshot tool icon to activate it.
  4. You can then use the snapshot tool to outline any piece of the document you wish to make a copy of, it can be images or text. Click "CTRL C" to copy the image.
    You can also select the entire page by simply clicking on the page you want, then "CTRL A" and "CTRL C" copies it to your clipboard.
  5. Open you image editing program... it can be either MS Paint, The Gimp, or any other program you like.
  6. Paste the copied image into your image editor by clicking "CTRL V" or by using the edit menu.
  7. Save it as a .jpg or whatever file extension you choose.

That's it!


Other Methods:

  • You can use a software tool specifically created for that purpose, such as this one.
  • You can use the Fireshot add-on for Firefox to make screenshots using your web browser.
  • You can make a Windows screenshot and then edit it using your web editor. Be sure to save it as a jpg, otherwise Windows will save it as a bitmap (.bmp) file - bitmaps are huge and use a lot of bandwidth. See instructions below on how to make a windows screenshot.

Making a Screenshot in Windows:

You can easily make a screenshot in windows by simply pressing either:

  • CTRL PrntScrn - This makes a screenshot of the entire screen.
  • ALT PrntScrn - This makes a screenshot of the active window only.

Other PDF editing/writing software:

There are a number of free programs which allow you to manipulate PDF files. Some of them are: