MS Word to PDF

The best way to convert your MS Word files to a .pdf is via the Adobe software.

If you do not wish to buy it, there are some alternatives. You can open an account at and then use their online interface to convert up to 5 files for free. You can buy any one of the Adobe Acrobat software packages on this page, but you will end up paying full price.

You can save 50% or more on the price of Adobe products by clicking here.

You can download a trial version of Acrobat from the Adobe site, but it will only work for 30 days.


Some alternatives

pdf to jpgThere are some Open Source tools as well as aftermarket utilities for saving an MS Word document as a .pdf and for converting .pdf files into MS Word.

Additionally, there is an online converter at that you may try. This allows you to convert a wide number of file types.

Other PDF Freeware


There are a number of free programs which allow you to manipulate PDF files. Some of them are:

You can also check for any open source software/freeware that you might be able to download and use for free.

Convert your PDF files easily

Image Convert Jpg Jpeg Bmp Tiff Gif Png is the most powerful, easiest and fastest image converter application. It is good at converting in batches which means it can convert different format files to one certain format all at once.

You can also select the entire folder to convert. Input dozens of images as jpg,bmp,gif,tif,wmf,emf to convert them to jpg, bmp, gif, tif, wmf, emf, tga, rle or png with ease. All the processes of converting are very easy with a click. No loss of quality.

Unbeatable price. Supports Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista (x64) platforms.

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Convert PDF to .doc, txt, rtf

office Convert Pdf to Doc Text Rtf software can extract DOC/TXT/RTF from PDF files.

It is a standalone application and as such, does NOT need Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader software. Office Convert Pdf to Doc Text Rtf processes at high speed and you can convert any number of PDF files to one certain format at one time while accurately preserving Text, Tables, Graphics & Layout. Not only that, but the converter also supports converting encrypted PDF files! Supports Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista (x64) platforms.

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